Torch Insight Connects Cloud Technology, Healthcare Data, and Analysis Tools to You

Connecting Healthcare Data, Cloud Technology, and Analysis Tools

We are a SaaS healthcare data and analytics company founded and incubated at Leavitt Partners. We've spent years splicing siloed data sets together, investing thousands of hours cleaning and validating data in preparation for analysis, and integration with business intelligence platforms. We excel at blending population health data with quality, financial, and performance metrics from stakeholders across key industries. Now we offer our raw data and curated insights to you.

We provide access to our cloud-based database and key analytic tools for strategists thirsting for intelligence, and for marketing teams hungry to expand. We specialize in understanding ACOs, value-based care, and how markets are transforming. Built with 21st century technology, we bring together the consulting expertise of Leavitt Partners with cloud technology, to turn healthcare data into actionable insights.

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Market Research Tools

Trying to get smart about a healthcare market? Use our suite of market research tools to get a rapid overview of geographies. Built for speed and beauty, we bring critical data to your fingertips.

Healthcare Landscape Explorer

Understand population health dynamics through the Torch Insight Market Explorer tool. You can segment your market by state, county, HRR, or CBSA. Drill down by DRG, financial metrics, market share, and more to get the big picture in a single glance.

Curated Market Dashboards

Access community snapshot statistics, market share breakdowns, and news updates all in one location. Get smart about your market in minutes.
Data Exploration

Data Exploration Tools

What if you need a fast answer, or don't want to spend hours in excel to collapse, segment, filter, or visualize data? Use our user-friendly query tools to build, download and save queries with codebooks you can understand and trust.

Guided Data Explorer

Jump into the data even if you're not a data expert. We'll guide you through identifying and refining data points and will make visualization natural. For offline analysis export your data selection with the click of a button.

Custom Query Builder

To answer complex questions, construct freeform queries across all Torch Insight data with our powerful and one-of-a-kind query builder. Filter, aggregate, and connect data like never before. Visualize and export your data build for further analysis.

Data File Downloads

Query clean, accurate, and integrated public and proprietary data on hospitals, ACOs, physician groups, and more.

Searchable Codebooks

With Torch Insight, understand the data better and be confident in your insights. Our entire database is complete with descriptions, type explanations, and source information.

Analysis Tools

Want to go a level deeper? Use our proprietary analysis tools to glean unique insight into organizations. These analysis tools leverage years of IP and experience to help tackle complex questions.

Similarity Finder

Identify hospitals and health systems that are the most similar. Using machine learning and high-dimensional search algorithms Torch Insight makes it a piece a cake to select and compare facilities.

Hospital Benchmarking

Choose your competitor, your cohort, or market, and benchmark hundreds of metrics for hospitals and health systems.

Patient Flow Patterns

The Torch Insight Patient Flow™ tool can help you understand local market dynamics including where your patients are coming from and where they really go after discharge, across health systems. Understand where patients in your market are really going.

Entity Dashboards

Drill into potential partners' financials, quality, and key leadership in seconds. Get what you to know before walking into a meeting.

Hospital Influence Area

Identify the hospitals and clinics where patients flow, based on claims data. Visualize reach and impact of referring partners. Understand the true footprint of health systems and hospitals.

DRG/ICD Volume Lookup

Have a specific product solution for providers? Use our DRG/ICD Volume Lookup tool to identify hospitals based on their volume of specific DRGs or ICD codes. Hone your target list.

Turn Healthcare Data into Actionable Insight

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